Technical Committee for Innovation of Zero Carbon Target

“Ready to contribute to innovating the ongoing green transition”

The technical committee for innovation of Zero Carbon Target has been officially established, marking a further step forward in consolidating the initiative aimed at proposing a renewed and more effective certification system, designed to respond to the guidelines of the new European directive EU 285/2024.

The Committee consists of:
Edoardo Segù – ZCT srl
Maria Grazia Persico – MGP Comunicazione srl
Stefano Bennati – Alens sbrl
Pietro Spataro – Climate Standard srl
Lawyer Edoardo Berti Riboli – Rimond Engineering Srl

The committee’s tasks will be to proactively monitor and manage scientific developments and propose updates to the ZCT Guidelines in relation to the evolving regulations on which they are based, ensuring compliance of its certification model and the development of digital innovation.

This is essential at a time when Zero Carbon Target is attracting interest from various clients in all sectors due to the high demand for environmental certifications from companies. Zero Carbon Target does not provide a single option for obtaining environmental certification; instead, there are three available services: the possibility to certify and communicate carbon neutrality of events in an agile way, to certify corporate decarbonization plans with a progressive path up to the achievement of the three ZCT leaves, and finally, the opportunity to certify a technology as an enabling technology for decarbonization, as was recently done for a hospital 4.0 technology.

“This further step forward in our initiative and the clients who are subscribing to our services are a great sign of approval,” comments Edoardo Segù, CEO of Zero Carbon Target. “The committee aims to support digital innovation and cooperation with certification platforms, which, together with ZCT, can represent an innovative and adequate solution to support the ongoing green transition.”

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