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Where does ZeroCarbonTarget come from?

ZCT comes from the strong need for Sustainability of Organizations that increasingly show an interest in solutions or proposals that can help them in the Carbon Reduction process.

The market demand is increasing towards support for energy / environmental issues that consider the entire life cycle of products.

The market lacked a clear, defined path with technical-scientific bases useful for achieving and communicating certain objectives, ZEROCARBONTARGET proposes itself as an international program operator for the certification of the reduction/compensation of CO2 emissions.


ZeroCarbonTarget Goals

Carbon reduction

ZeroCarbonTarget proposes itself as a program operator, that is a subject that promotes and elaborates the development of the rules for the communication of the path towards Carbon Neutrality, coordinates the publication of the results achieved and draws up the related ZCT Certifications.

ZCT is the tool for companies to certify their carbon emissions reduction projects (measurable and certifiable) within the production chain or the communities associated with it. The program aims to create a positive impact on the environment, communities and natural resources, fighting Climate Change and Global Warming. In addition, the program also encourages investments in mitigation projects outside the company system, using compensate methods for CO2 emissions.

Why joining ZCT

  • It is a clear path regulated by a specification, with set targets certifiable by an authorized third party;
  • Adopts the full application of ISO standards on Carbon footprint, EPD and GHG inventory;
  • It pushes the organization to undertake emission reduction projects by focusing on energy-environmental efficiency and not just on OFFSETS;
  • Allows the organization to remain protected from “greenwashing” risk.

Companies advantages

  • Improvement of the image towards the outside and increase in the value of the product or organization through marketing action on the results obtained;
  • Aim at optimize the consumption, energy costs and reduce energy-environmental impacts;
  • Increase of buyers’ skills;
  • Stakeholder training and awareness;
  • Push to improve environmental conditions and workplaces;
  • It leads to a positive impact on the environment, communities and natural resources;
  • Increase in sales for the promotion of sustainable products.


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