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Many companies took the decision of including sustainability in their growth strategies, which represents a competitive advantage, differentiating their products or their organization from the rest of the market like having a lower impact from competitors translates into a higher value of their offer. Many companies have already sailed on this path and have decided to show it with ZeroCarbonTarget.

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ZeroCarbonTarget Certified Companies and Products

Ballabio Winery

Wine sector

ZCT starting from a carbon footprint for the “Farfalla” product in a 0.75 bottle

The Ballabio company was founded in 1905 by a man, Angelo Ballabio, and his dream: to create his own classic sparkling wine, with fermentation in the bottle, of Pinot Noir grapes only, capable of comparing itself with the best Champagne of the time. Today the company is led by Filippo, Mattia, Alfio and Nicolo ’Nevelli, brothers and cousins united by passion and entrepreneurial spirit, but above all by a single principle: the continuous pursuit of excellence. In recent years the winery has been transformed into one of the most avant-garde realities of the territory, the first to specialize in the production of only the Classic Method of Pinot Noir grapes, expressing and enhancing the natural characteristics of the territory, choosing to combine the quality of also produced the theme of sustainability by launching a path to reduce emissions for its flagship product “Farfalla”.


Cables Production

ZCT starting from 2 carbon footprints for 2 leading products and GHG inventory for the organization

Aristoncavi is one of the leading independent producers of low and medium voltage rubber-insulated electrical cables. It is the leader in some market segments in the field of cables for special applications. In recent years, the company has invested specifically in technological development, strengthening the technical area and focusing particularly on Research and Development for the production of cables for use in the industrial and tertiary sectors. This innovative push goes hand in hand with the push towards sustainability, the company is aiming for carbon neutrality for two leading products and for the entire organization.


Make your business more sustainable by reducing co2 emissions.

Find out how to invest in projects that go towards the gradual abatement of their CO2 emissions and the reduction of the use of fossil sources, through the improvement of energy performance and more.

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