The Path

ZeroCarbonTarget is a path that the Organizations can undertake in absolute autonomy and get to obtain the leaves through a certifying agency. However, the importance of the actions to be taken and the necessary knowledge often requires the support of professionals who get to know the whole environmental energy world and ZCT thoroughly, for this reason ZCT provides a list of companies and/or Qualified Professionals for the implementation of the same (QC – Qualified Consultant).

Becoming a Qualified Consultant is easy!

If you are an expert in the environmental&energy sector and you know the topics of sustainability, contact us to sign the collaboration agreement and bring your first case. You will be supported by an existing QC and at the positive end of the process you will be enabled.

If you want to become a QC, do not hesitate to contact us.


Qualified professionals available to your company


Alens Italy

Alens s.r.l. is ESCo certified UNI CEI 11352 by TUV SUD. Independent energy consultancy company that provides energy efficiency experts, EGE (energy management experts) certified under UNI-CEI 11339, who work for complete technical advice on energy and resource efficiency. Alens is based in Pavia, Rome and Vicenza.

Alens Swiss SA

Alens Swiss is a Swiss consulting company, based in Ticino, borned from the union of two companies that have already been consolidated for long time in the energy consulting landscape. Alens Swiss wants to provide the customer with an all-round consultancy service on every single aspects related to the energy world in the most absolute independence from energy suppliers, plant and technology suppliers and any type of provider. Energy efficiency and energy market experts, in full autonomy from potential suppliers, will always be next to the customer in the strategic and management choices.

Collarini Consulting SRL

Since 2003 Nicola Collarini has embarked on the path of freelance which has seen him engaged together with other experts in the sector in all issues that move around energy from the purchasing sector to energy audits and the drafting of projects for obtaining the TEE . Having acquired more than ten years of direct experience in the Italian energy sector, Nicola Collarini offers his assistance to a wide audience ranging from SMEs to large industry, with services dedicated to specific needs and guaranteeing a high level of quality to its customers. The Collarini studio offers: consultancy in the field of energy saving and economic use of resources, management of negotiations with suppliers and contracts. Specific support in the field of energy for management control and invoice verification.

Make your business more sustainable by reducing co2 emissions.

Find out how to invest in projects that go towards the gradual abatement of their CO2 emissions and the reduction of the use of fossil sources, through the improvement of energy performance and more.

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