Authorized Third Party

Third party certification

ZeroCarbonTarget is a path that allows you to communicate your carbon reduction, thanks to a third-party certification of the results achieved and through the verification by an authorized body that will be in charge of carrying out the certification audits and communicating to ZeroCarbonTarget the results of the verification.

Authorized Third Party

Authorized verification agency

Bureau Veritas Italia SpA

Inspection, compliance and certification services.

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Bureau Veritas Italia SpA is a company of the Bureau Veritas Group.

The Bureau Veritas Group, based in Paris, is a world leader in control, verification and certification services for Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Social Responsibility (QHSE-SA).

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can ZeroCarbonTarget be applied both to organizations and products?

Yes, it is a path designed for organizations, sites and products and can be applied simultaneously to them both.

Is the third party verification mandatory to obtain the leaves?

Yes, as required by the regulations for the delivery of the label, it is mandatory to verify the results by an authorized body in the appropriate section.

Is ZeroCarbonTarget directly applicable by the organization or is the consultant mandatory?

No, it is a mechanism applicable directly by the company  without a consultant, but the important experience of qualified professionals is essential to the correct application of the mechanism.


Make your business more sustainable by reducing co2 emissions.

Find out how to invest in projects that aim at the gradual abatement of their CO2 emissions and the reduction of the use of fossil sources, through the improvement of energy performance, and more.

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