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Innovative technologies to reduce emissions at your customers’ sites

Several companies that have embarked on the ZeroCarbonTarget path, have implemented efficiency measures through innovative technologies, also thanks to the work of qualified consultants who have researched and identified innovative technologies on the market, that could reduce emissions at their customers’ sites. “Friendly” technologies are solutions that have been applied and verified, that really aim at the reduction of emissions, within the Zerocarbontarget path. All “friendly” technologies can benefit from a dedicated stamp that distinguishes them on the market.

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Validated by ZeroCarbonTarget

    Energia Europa and E-Power

    Energia Europa is an Italian joint stock company that develops innovative products for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. They design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge devices to optimize modern electrical systems in manufacturing, retail and residential facilities. The core of their production is the patented E-Power device, which ensures real energy efficiency on the entire line powered by the mid-voltage transformer at equal output, reducing line losses and improving power quality.

    E-Power is an innovative passive filter with hybrid functions installed in series between the power source and the loads, which generates energy saving in the modern electrical grids, through the reduction of the losses and the improvement of power quality. All results achieved by E-Power, in terms of energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, are visible through the proprietary dashboard called e-powernow, which processes and visualizes all electrical data retrieved by the datalogger onboard the machine.

    The energy savings guaranteed by the E-Power solution bring about a substantial gain on all power consumption, which generates a consequential reduction of CO2 emissions.

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    For Beginners and Experts


    SOLHO is a high-tech company based in Delft, The Netherlands, leveraging more than 30 years of experience of its team in the power and solar industry to develop SPRHOUT, a large-scale solar thermal energy plant for industrial processes. SOLHO designs, builds, and operates SPRHOUT, providing heating and cooling to different types of industrial processes. Project sizes are in the range from 100 kWth up to few MWth. SOLHO installations are based on a trusted value chain that conforms to the latest state-of-the-art.

    The SPRHOUT is an innovative solar thermal energy plant. It harvests solar energy in the form of heat and stores it. The stored energy is withdrawn when needed to heat up the industrial process and/or to be converted into cooling by means of the thermal-driven chiller. Autonomous operation is ensured thanks to in-house control algorithms.

    We are working to cut the environmental footprint of industrial processes. SPRHOUT lowers the CO2 emissions of industrial processes, enabling SUSTAINBLE heating and cooling in EUROPE and worldwide.

      Expansion Electronic is an Italian company that has been a market leader in the production of active electrostatic filters for hygiene and air purification for over 40 years.

      The innovative technology of active electrostatic filters FE/FEL SYSTEM, designed by  Expansion Electronic, allows to increase the efficiency of the systems up to ePM1 95% and, at the same time, to reduce energy consumption up to 30% per year in medium ventilation systems.

      Made of 100% aluminum, a regenerable and recyclable material, they guarantee a significant reduction in the management and maintenance costs of the units. In fact, they require a simple cleaning with water and detergent and do not need to be replaced. Their life is equal to that of the systems in which they are installed.

      The active electrostatic filters having been patented with built-in electronics, completely waterproofcan be installed in series by reducing the complexity and time spent on wiring and electrical connections.

      Thanks to the standard dimensions of the electronic filters (according to the EN15805 standard), equal to those of the mechanical filters, FE/ FEL SYSTEM active electrostatic filters do not require structural changes to the air systems, by guaranteeing a simple RETROFIT action.

      RETROFIT means adding new technologies or functionalities to an existing ventilation system; by extending its useful life, improving its quality and efficiency from an energy (energy requalification) and pollutants’ reduction point of view.

      Choosing the FE/FEL SYSTEM active electrostatic filters produced by Expansion Electronic, corresponds to considerably simplify the upgrade of existing ventilation units also from a SUSTAINABLE point of view.

      Expansion Electronic is committed to achieving goals such as Social Sustainability by improving the quality of the air and therefore the quality of life; Economic Sustainability with the reduction of energy, replacement and disposal costs; Environmental Sustainability with the use of recyclable materials providing regenerable products that reduce the production of additional pollutants, safeguarding the environment.

      Advantages of RETROFIT with Expansion Electronic FE/FEL SYSTEM active electrostatic filters:

      1.  Certified filtration efficiency, high and constant over time
      2.  High and constant hygienic and antibacterial effect
      3.  Very low and constant pressure drops over time
      4.  Reduction of management costs (filter that can be regenerated by washing with water and detergent)
      5.  No replacement required
      6.  Energy consumption reduction up tu 30% per year
      7.  Long life cycle (equal to the machine itself)
      8.  Replacement of standard filtration systems simplified thanks to EN 15805 / ASHRAE standard dimensions
      9.  Easy installation thanks to built-in electronics and multipolar connection
      10.  Made of 100% aluminum (recyclable material)
      11.  Sustainable filtration
      12.  Respect for the environment due to the total reduction of plastic and other materials that are difficult to dispose of
      13.  Preservation of the planet for future generations


      For Beginners and Experts

      Make your business more sustainable by reducing co2 emissions through “Friendly” Technologies.

      Find out how to invest in projects that aim at the gradual abatement of CO2 emissions and the reduction of the use of fossil sources, through the improvement of energy performance and more.

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